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Stormwater management in a changing climate

Cities around the world are facing the challenge of dealing with stormwater to protect against flooding caused by heavy rainfall. Future climate change will make this even more difficult. This course gives an introduction to how can we manage stormwater in a sustainable way in the coming decades.The course containsThe course covers the hydrological cycle and how this is affected by urbanization, as well as rainfall and how this is affected by climate change. The problems with traditional pipe-based drainage systems are discussed before looking at green stormwater infrastructure as a sustainable alternative. Finally, the course looks at how stormwater can be integrated into urban planning. What are you learning?How urbanization affects the water cycle.How rainfall is affected by future climate change.What facilities can be used to manage stormwater in a sustainable way.The role that stormwater plays in urban planning. Who is the course for?This course is designed for anyone who may encounter stormwater in their work, as well as anyone who wants to know more about how we can build a society that is prepared for the effects of future climate change. The course will be given in English.