Blekinge Institute of Technology

Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, has a distinctive focus on the digitalisation of society and sustainability.<br> BTH’s task is to contribute to a more sustainable societal development through higher education, research and innovation. BTH conducts education and research in fields in which society has major needs.<br> Through international excellence, we contribute to digital and sustainable transformation. As an institute of technology, we have a responsibility and a unique opportunity to make our contribution to both regional and national competitiveness and to global sustainability.<br> External engagement with wider society and the private sector contribute to making us more attractive and ensuring that our education and research maintain high quality and relevance.<br>

Applied Cryptography

Cryptography is a collective for different methods that are used to modify data with the aim of prevent unauthorized access or modifications to it. As a result, cryptography is an important part of modern cyber security. During this course you will study the basics for different cryptographic methods. In addition, you will also learn how to use them in a practical way in order to increase the security for IT-systems.