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Industry digitalization, robotics and automation


Robot system 1

Robot system 1 deals with industrial robots and their use in industry. The course addresses the structure and properties of robots, as well as principles for use in industry based on different principles. Based on the requirements placed on a robot system, these can be configured based on different technical points of departure, how they are to be used and methods for creating efficiency. Common equipment is taken up as adaptations to different work processes and applications. Here grippers and sensors come in as well as process equipment of various kinds. The course covers factors for investment, as well as laboratory work on how security and programming can be handled. This course is for professionals who work with production systems, automation and robotics at various levels as responsible for individual production lines, departments, or role as production manager or production development. The course will mainly focus on the manufacturing industry in application examples, but principles that will be addressed will be applicable to a number of industries, including consulting companies working towards the manufacturing industry. The course contains the following: Industrial robots as a concept; structure and properties; robots in relation to concepts such as Industry 4.0 and Smart Industry Principles of use; configuration of robot system Laboratory work with safety and programming of industrial robots Development trends, global perspective