Building Technology


Analysis of Historical Constructions

This course is only offered in Swedish, see Swedish page.

Climate declaration of buildings and circular construction

The impact of the built environment on the climate has led to an increased focus on the choice of building and building materials. A life cycle perspective is needed to understand and analyze the environmental impact of buildings, material production, transport, constructions, operation and maintenance as well as demolition. The course provides an understanding of methods and tools for improving resource efficiency and minimizing the climate impact of buildings from a life cycle perspective. The course deals with strategies and analysis tools for circular construction and recycling, as well as the consequences of the choice of building materials for climate impact. In the course, you will will learn about circular construction, as well as how climate declaration and life cycle analysis for building elements and building systems are implemented. The course has no mandatory campus meetings, however, mandatory online meetings are included. The course is given in English but with parts given in Swedish. The course is open to so-called "late registration", which means that the last day to submit the application is 2022-08-15.   Appllicationcode: LNU-09189