Additive manufacturing and machining



ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: CONCEPTS, METHODS, APPLICATIONS This course comprises all the fundamental elements in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM). The course focuses on AM’s dynamics and unique characteristics which have the potential to be utilized as a feasible production system both as a standalone technology or in combination with conventional technologies for industrial manufacturing purposes. Basic introduction, various technological classes (as defined by ASTM standard), workflow, design, and applications of AM technologies are among the subjects that are going to be covered during this course. This course aims at establishing a comprehensive knowledge base within the concept of Additive Manufacturing. The course includes the following elements: Definition of basic concepts, introduction of technologies, advantages and limitations of additive manufacturing Classification of technologies, main characteristics, and applications Cataloguing workflow by covering steps from CAD generation to manufacturing and post-processing Comprehension of design for AM (DFAM) and its implications for manufacturers Exploration of applications and value propositions through studying business cases