Climate Transition


Sustainability in practice - KTH Leancentrum

This course is taught in Swedish. For small and medium-sized businesses: learn how to develop a sustainable business and how to implement sustainability in your workplace. Do you want to learn how to use different methods to identify improvement potential for sustainability? Do you know how to smoothly integrate environmental improvement into your daily work? Do you want to learn tools to introduce new ways of working in your organisation and how to engage your employees? This practical course will give you knowledge on how to support your business to become more sustainable. Today we have less than seven years to meet the 1.5 degree target based on the carbon budget calculated by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. New technologies and new environmental investments are an important part of the societal transformation that is underway. It is equally important that we change the way we work and behave in our daily lives as well as in the workplace to reduce our environmental impact. Who can apply? The course is suitable for those in management positions who want to build and develop a sustainable business. For example, you may be a production manager, team leader, project manager, sustainability manager, environmental manager, or learning coordinator. Please note that the course is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, with 10-249 employees, related to the automotive industry and the electrification transition. Course outline The course is structured around a running assignment and has four main themes: Identifying waste to avoid risk of harm to people and the environment. Use improvement methodology for environmental and resource efficiency improvements. Analyse and develop sustainable processes. Work on visions and goals for long-term sustainable development. See all courses that KTH Leancentrum offers