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Applied Internet of Things

Maybe you want to connect monitoring to a truck, or why not build a connected pump control? Do you want to measure temperatures, pressures or vibrations? Do you want knowledge about how to connect one of your existing products? Then this course is for you. Do you work as an engineer in the industry and want to learn how to develop an idea with IoT? Do you work as a developer at an IT company and want to learn more about the hardware and the entire infrastructure within IoT? The course is primarily aimed at those who are professionals in the engineering profession, but you do not need to be either a programmer or an electronics engineer to take advantage of the course. The content is adapted so that you can work with your specific ideas. The course is focused on providing both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Internet of Things. You will gain knowledge of the area's applications and definitions, and you will learn how to build an IoT device, all the way from hardware to visualization. You will have the opportunity to practically work with hardware, sensors, as well as infrastructure and security. We will work with, among other things, WiFi, BLE, LoRaWAN, SigFox, NB-IoT / LTE-M1, as well as insight into how data is transported throughout from the device to the database and then to the application. The course will be held mostly at a distance with a couple of scheduled workshops (13/9, 6/10, 27/10) either on site or online. All lectures will be available online. The course will be delivered in a flexible way to facilitate the combination of coursework with your ongoing professional commitments. You will need to buy IoT hardware before the start of the course, the cost can be different depending on the type of project, guide value is approx: SEK 1,000. The total scope of the course is normally about 80 hours.Language of instruction: EnglishThe course is free of charge