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Introduction to Security in the Software Development Lifecycle

The purpose of this course is to introduce security practices within the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) at the requirements, design, implementation, verification, and after release stages of software development. This course is the guide to the cybersecurity issues arising throughout the entire development process. We consider the development from the security perspective from the beginning stage until the final release and beyond. The course is adapted to give a solid introduction to non-security-experts mainly and addresses both how professionals (developers, managers, decision-makers) can utilize security to improve (software-based) products/services, and how they are affected by security issues and challenges. Whether you are a software developer in a bank or telecom company, or you are a product manager in a gaming company, this course will be relevant for you.

Web Security

Modern web applications can often be described in terms of cooperation and sharing, both on the level of the users of the application and on the level of the application and the service providers. This course covers the most prevalent security challenges of web applications, from a theoretical and practical perspective.