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Environmental Engineering


Ambient Air Quality Management

In this course you will learn about the most common air pollutants and their emission. You will learn how to monitor, assess and model the distribution of air pollution, and how to control emissions from motor vehicles and stationary sources.

Applied Statistics in Engineering

The purpose of the course is to increase your knowledge in the field of applied statistics. The course will illustrate how to reach statistically justified conclusions based on common statistical methods, such as statistical inference, analysis of variance, correlation and regression. The course will provide opportunities to become familiar with the concepts of understanding statistics and challenging assumptions. During the course we will discuss the role of statistics in engineering and science, statistical thinking and management of large data sets.

Circular economy and environmental engineering

The course addresses the concept of circular economy, its use and limitations in the field of environmental engineering, methods for the assessment of resource efficiency, sustainability and environmental impact and practical examples related to waste management.