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Production and Logistics

Big Data and Cloud Computing for Industrial Applications

The manufacturing industry collects increasingly large volumes of big data, that is, data at high speed, generated from a wide range of sources in different formats and quality levels. But what is data without insight? This course will help you master the fundamental concepts of big data, cloud computing and smart decision-making for industrial analytics. Designed specifically for manufacturing sector professionals, this Master’s course provides knowledge and insights in handling and processing data, using machine learning and data analytics in the cloud environment. You will learn machine learning-based solutions for industrial applications, such as smart decision-making and predictive maintenance, using state of the art cloud platform tools.

Industrial maintenance development

Do you want to deepen your knowledge about maintenance and dependability? Then this course is for you. The course focuses on the value of dependability in production systems and how maintenance contributes to the achievement of optimal dependability. A well-designed maintenance programme starts with the design of the production system, from the procurement of new equipment, to system service life.  

Industrialization and Time-to-volume

You will acquire knowledge about planning and implementing industrialization activities for achieving a faster time-to-market and time-to-volume with higher quality. During the course you will work on one of your company’s industrialization challenges as a “project case” and analyse ways to tackle them in an efficient way.

Industry 4.0 - Realisation

The course covers digitalisation and automation technologies and their application in smart factories. Technologies covered include simulation and deployment, digital twin, connectivity as an enabler for e.g. predictive maintenance, manufacturing execution systems and robotics.

Internet of Things for Manufacturing Industry

In this course, you will gain insight in components and technologies included in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Designed specifically for manufacturing sector professionals, the course provides knowledge about the infrastructure, the technologies and requirements needed to generate, transport and manage data in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system which is one of the main building blocks towards digitalization and smart factories. It includes project work, laboratory exercises and assignments where the student gets knowledge of different applications of IIoT in the manufacturing industry.

Laser-Based Manufacturing and Materials Processing A1N

To be translated Kursen behandlar fundamentala och övergripande frågor relaterade till laserbaserad tillverkning, nuvarande forskningsområden samt applikationsområden för laserbaserad tillverkning. Speciellt behandlar kursen mekanismer inom lasersvetsning, värmeledningssvetsning, nyckelhålssvetsning, absorbtionsmekanismer (Fresnel- och bremstrålningsabsorbtion), influens av skyddsgas och plasmaplym, prestanda och kvalitetsaspekter, lasersvetsning av olika material, komponenter i lasersvetsningssystem samt inblick i forskningsfrågor inom lasersvetsning. Kurskod, ansökningskod, plats, takt och undervisningsspråkVP743A, HS-26359, flexibel distans, 40%, undervisningen ges på svenska (viss undervisning på engelska kan förekomma). Ämne, utbildningsområdeVirtuell produktframtagning, teknik  Ansökan, behörighet och antagningOm du arbetar inom industrin, men saknar akademiska meriter, kan du ansöka om att bli bedömd på så kallad reell kompetens. Läs mer på den här sidan his.se/ansokindustrikurser Mer information om kursen samt länk till ansökan hittar du på Högskolan i Skövdes kurssida.

Lean Production

Do you want to be efficient, effective and minimize waste by learning and implementing lean production tools? This course provides insight into the demands and challenges posed by competitive production in industrial production systems and develops your ability to participate in and to drive improvement work. The course focuses on efficient lean production. Through theory and project work, you will learn useful techniques, methods and strategies. You will obtain the necessary knowledge and training to carry out value stream mapping and other forms of improvement work. The course offers current and competitive knowledge through its close links with our successful research and partner companies. It provides basic knowledge and understanding of the modern view of lean production in industrial activity. 

Simulation of production systems

Participants in this master course will develop skills in discrete event simulation to meet the needs of today's manufacturing industry. Through use of discrete event simulation you will learn to support improvements of industrial processes involving complex changes. The course focuses on how to build, analyse and communicate the results of a simulation study. You will acquire knowledge through theoretical understanding, practical exercises and workshops. Based on a real case, the course will guide you to be able to improve production and logistics flow with discrete event simulation.