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Smart maintenance 1 – measurement technology

With the ongoing digitalization of the industry towards "Industry 4.0" i.e. smart factories with more efficient production, shorter lead times, higher quality, etc. increase the need to measure different quantities and associated processing of this measurement data. This includes the collection of signals via different types of sensors and signal processing of these signals in order to e.g. provide "smart industrial cyber-physical systems" (SICPS) with information for the purpose of monitoring, maintaining, controlling activities, etc. in order to achieve smart factories. The course will focus on sensors, analog-to-digital converters, quality of measured data and signal processing where we, among other things, highlights the choice of sensors and data collection systems and introduces some robust signal processing methods in the light of the digitization of the industry. This course is for professionals who work professionally with programming and development - regardless of industry or sector. You may be in the industry, the IT sector or a larger company in a completely different industry, you may be working in a development department within a company or as an IT consultant or. The course contains the following: Sensors for measuring vibrations, force, elongation, speed and associated signal conditioning Measurement uncertainty Analog-to-digital converter and "Effective Number Of Bits (ENOB)" Folding when sampling signals and anti-folding filters Fourier transform - Discrete Fourier transform Stochastic processes and relevant statistical concepts Power density spectrum, Power spectrum and associated systematic and random errors