Jönköping University

The School of Engineering at Jönköping University is one of the country's largest educators of university engineers. We collaborate with the business community regionally, nationally, and internationally to make education adapted to the needs of the market. Therefore, our educations include not only technical knowledge but also entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, sustainable development, and the opportunity to make international contacts during studies. The research at the School of Engineering focuses on knowledge-intensive product realization in collaboration with business community.


APPLIED PRODUCTION FLOW SIMULATION By working with a simulation project at your company and supported by simulation-based optimization to locate the best productivity improvements, this course develops your skills to the next level to implement simulation projects as part of the production engineering work.


PRODUCTION AUTOMATION - TECHNOLOGY & INTEGRATION PRODUKTIONSAUTOMATION - TEKNIK & INTEGRATIONThe main purpose of the course revolves around the introduction of the applications that automation systems could have for production and manufacturing operations. The course consists of different themes, including industrial robotics, automation equipment and hardware components, as well as practical insights and discussions on why and how to automate in productions. The course aims to provide knowledge and skills in automation so that after completing the course, participants can identify technologies that are available and suitable for implementing automation. The course also helps to increase knowledge of how new automation solutions can be integrated with existing production equipment and technologies. The course includes the following elements: Introduction to the main elements of automation projectsIdentification of elements suitable for automationTechnologies used in automation, e.g. sensors, material handling equipment, end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT), etc.Conceptual design of automated stationsBenchmarking of automation technologies