Linköping University

In close collaboration with the business world and society, Linköping University (LiU) conducts world-leading, boundary-crossing research in fields including materials science, IT and hearing. In the same spirit, the university offers many innovative educational programmes, many of them with a clear vocational focus, leading to qualification as, for example, doctors, teachers, economists and engineers. LiU has 35,900 students and 4,300 employees on four campuses. Together we seek answers to the complex questions facing us today. Our students are among the most desirable in the labour market and international rankings consistently place LiU as a leading global university. LiU achieved university status in 1975 and innovation is our only tradition.

Responding to the metacrisis – untangling myths and values to help us navigate our future

This is a course for professionals and PhD students seeking a wider understanding of our current global predicaments, how to make sense of them, and how to respond. The first module introduces the Anthropocene, The Great Acceleration, Planetary Boundaries along with causal relationships between energy, technology, economy, values and the human and more-than-human experience. The second module explores how our own cognition, values, norms and emotions guide our responses to the crises of our time, and how we can formulate coherent responses based on our experiences. The third introduces a way of reasoning about the world in terms of interconnected systems instead of independent problems, and explores what such a view means for us. The course is run online with 2h highly interactive seminars connected to each module along with recorded material, readings and exercises.