Production and Logistics



BASIC PRODUCTION FLOW SIMULATION In the wake of Industry 4.0, it becomes even more important to use simulation to demonstrate productivity improvements before investments are made and reduce lead time in production development projects. In this course you will develop knowledge and skills in a step-by-step process to get started with production flow simulation.


CHANGEABLE AND RECONFIGURABLE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS The course builds competence in the design and development of changeable production systems to be able to provide more efficient production and become better at handling variations in e.g. product types and volumes. The course focuses on changeable, reconfigurable and flexible production concepts and production solutions so that the business can meet changing customer needs more easily and quickly.  

Digital twins, XR and AI for Industry 4.0

By taking part in this course you will learn about the role of visualization in industrial applications with a specific focus on Industry 4.0. You will learn how to evaluate and develop production systems and processes that integrate visualization technologies, such as digital twins, virtual and augmented reality and are supported by artificial intelligence.


HUMAN FACTORS ENGINEERING Do you want to be updated about ergonomics and human cognitive possibilities and challenges in working life? We mainly address you who in various ways influence the working conditions and the working environment at your workplace, you may for example have the role of production technician, production manager or other manager, project manager, business developer or work with personnel in HR.

Industrialization and Ramp-up in Industry 4.0

You will learn methods, tools, and strategies for your company to gain a world class competence in the industrialization of new products and production technologies. If you are involved in the activities of industrialization, product or process introductions, and integration of new products and/or production technologies, then this course is for you.

Industry 4.0 - Introduction

Would you like to know what Industry 4.0 is about? Then this course is for you! In the course, we look at enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 from a human and industrial perspective. The course covers many topics and you will learn the basic terminology related to Industry 4.0 as well as insight and understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how it is set to affect industry and individuals.

Industry 4.0 - Realisation

Our Industry 4.0 – Realisation course covers all aspects of digitalisation and automation of smart factories. The course focuses on the application of new technologies with practical examples in complete production settings. The course covers digitalisation and automation technologies and their application in smart factories. Technologies covered include simulation and deployment, digital twin, connectivity as an enabler for e.g. predictive maintenance, manufacturing execution systems and robotics.

Introduction to Industry 4.0

Do you want to learn the basics of Industry 4.0, at your own pace, whenever you want? Then the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Introduction to Industry 4.0 is for you. You will learn basic terminology and theory while gaining insight and understanding of the fourth industrial revolution and how it affects us. The MOOC: Introduction to Industry 4.0 is part of MDU's investment in smart production. The course is divided into ten modules, each of which describes different technologies in Industry 4.0. We estimate that it will take about 40 hours to complete the course and it is in English. The MOOC can also give you eligibility to apply for these 3 university courses at Mälardalen University: Internet of things for industrial applications, 5 credits Simulation of production system, 5 credits Big data for industrial applications, 5 credits

Lean Production

Do you want to be efficient, effective and minimize waste by learning and implementing lean production tools? This course provides insight into the demands and challenges posed by competitive production in industrial production systems and develops your ability to participate in and to drive improvement work. The course focuses on efficient lean production. Through theory and project work, you will learn useful techniques, methods and strategies. You will obtain the necessary knowledge and training to carry out value stream mapping and other forms of improvement work. The course offers current and competitive knowledge through its close links with our successful research and partner companies. It provides basic knowledge and understanding of the modern view of lean production in industrial activity. 


MAINTENANCE 5.0 With a starting point in the concept of dependability this course offers a holistic view on maintenance development. One of its purposes is to help you motivate a maintenance strategy to develop your company’s production performance. We will apply different types of simulation to experience the dynamics of maintenance strategies and their consequences to production. The development of maintenance management is significant for improving the production performance. In the course, benefits from improving maintenance management are analyzed in different exercises. In the era of knowledge intensive- and innovative production development we also explore the application of different advanced simulation tools for developing maintenance. And, based on the study of a maintenance culture model we discuss together and individually develop a strategy of improvement. The course includes the following elements: Maintenance terminology Introduction to different tactical choices of how to manage physical assets, e.g. corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, and condition-based maintenance Introduction to maintenance concepts such as TPM and RCM Theory and discussions on reactive and proactive maintenance and its economic impact The economic importance of maintenance Life cycle costing, key performance indicators in maintenance, and their corresponding effect to drive behavior in maintenance The connection between maintenance operations and production operations

Smart Logistics

Are you working with logistics in the manufacturing industry? Then this is a course for you! The course is specially designed for those who work with logistics in the manufacturing industry and it will give you an increased understanding of how to design smart logistics systems. You will get to analyse your company's logistics system and with the help of various Industry 4.0 technologies you will identify possible ways to improve the logistics system of your own company.